Europe Needs to Get Serious About Returning ISIS Volunteers

According to Reuters,

France will open a center late this year to help reintegrate young French citizens who return from conflict zones such as Syria but are not subject to prosecution, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Wednesday.

isis1The problem isn’t what to do with them after they return, the problem is that as French citizens they go in the first place, and that their number is rising. Prime Minister Valls recently told French television that he predicts the number of Europeans going to fight for ISIS could reach 5,000 by the Summer and 10,000 by the end of the year. It’s hard to imagine that someone who’s willing to be shot at, martyr themselves, or behead somebody, wasn’t first indoctrinated into this vicious form of Islam in Europe herself.

isis2Germany has hundreds of citizens fighting with ISIS, and when they return they are treated like heroes by fellow Islamists. There doesn’t seem to be an effort stop them from going in the first place nor the ability to keep them from coming back:

The interior minister remained very vague on the question of what can be done to prevent German jihadists from traveling unhindered to crisis regions. It’s a sensitive issue for his ministry. After all, the individuals in question are generally German citizens capable of traveling with identification documents to the Turkish border and then back to Germany. By then, they are radicalized and potentially traumatized, but certainly experienced in war. A working group is now set to discuss what legal options are available to deny them re-entry. (Deutsche Welle)

With 10,000 European ISIS volunteers expected by the end of the year, I’d advise them to work with haste. Europe is where the problem originates. But instead of solving it by delimiting immigration from Muslim countries, France intends to “reintegrate” the ISIS volunteers. But how can a country expect to reintegrate people who were never integrated or assimilated in the first place?

ISIS and Social Media

How do these Europeans even connect with ISIS? In a recent Washington Post article the same question was asked. One suggestion was that it had to do with the clever use of social media:

One of the clearest signs of the change can be found on social media. ISIS and other modern, more radical groups deploy a savvy, unerringly millennial social media strategy that combines Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Mideast networks such as Dawn. The images are a mishmash of cats, guns and surreal hashtags.

The recruiters are easily able to reach disaffected Muslim youth from around the world who want more meaning and purpose in their lives.

Targeting European Christians

The case of Sid Ahmed Ghlam, a French national, is different in that he did not travel to Syria and join ISIS. Nevertheless, he was ordered to stage an attack on Christian churches in Paris but was caught before an attack took place. isis3The order apparently came from ISIS. What is notable about the story is that ISIS was almost able to carry out a domestic terrorist attack in Europe through someone who was essentially nothing more than a sympathetic Jihadist. Something else to note is that the targets were Christians, not Jews. They will murder both; but if an increasing number of European Jihadists are taking orders from ISIS, Christians have a problem on their hands.

St. Hildegard’s fifth era, the Grey Wolf, is almost upon us. It is described as including a time of intense persecution of the Church, the reality of which is becoming more conceivable every day.


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