The Era of the Grey Wolf is Fast Approaching: New Link

I added a new link to my blogroll: GalliaWatch. The subtitle to the blog reads, “The countdown for France has begun. Stay au courant” (well-informed). The blog author, Tiberge, scours the French press for information on the social demise of France as well as the rest of Europe. Many of the translations provided by the author would be difficult if not impossible to find elsewhere. Also, the author sorts out the truth since much of what comes out of the European media is biased, heavily redacted, or outright misleading, as was demonstrated by the recent censorship and spin regarding the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults of women by Muslim immigrants.

The blogger’s focus is on the islamification of Europe but also reports on incidents of persecution of Christians and attacks on churches. It’s a front-row seat for viewing the emerging new historical era: the era of the Grey Wolf.

The Five Beasts of Saint Hildegard: Prophetic Symbols of Modern Society is primarily a study of history from 1870-present, alongside an analysis of St. Hildegard’s vision of five symbolic animals, representing five separate eras of time preceding the Antichrist. I contend that four of these eras have already transpired. The final era is symbolized by the Grey Wolf; this era lies ahead, perhaps within decade. Hildegard’s explanation of the symbolism of the Grey Wolf does not suggest a single nation or ethnicity, but Europe in general (I did, however, see a clear connection of Hildegard’s description of the wolf to Islam).

Two things stand out in St. Hildegard’s description of the era of the Grey Wolf in her book Scivias. The first is that there will be major civil unrest in Europe and the West which she refers to as “revolutions“. Secondly, she declares that this will lead to a time of persecution of Christians, which she describes as a “harsh reproach” of the Church.

As one reads about the various confrontations, terrorist incidents, no-go zones, etc., throughout Europe the word “war” is being used more and more to describe what’s happening. Note the report provided by Tiberge from the French news source  Riposte Laïque on January 7:

“The announcement that a man had tried to blow himself up on Thursday in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, after attacking the police with a cleaver, made the rounds of the German media and confirms in their eyes the state of war in Europe and especially in Germany one year after the murders of Charlie Hebdo. The rapes and assaults in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and several cities on the Rhine (the rapes were generalized and coordinated throughout Germany, according to the police) announce the beginning of a civil war in Germany for German observers.”




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