The Upcoming Elections

election1If the arguments presented in my book, The Five beasts of St. Hildegard, are compelling, and that the historical eras that are represented by the animal symbols have been underway, then current events would be expected to be consistent with or at least not contradict Hildegard’s vision. The current era, the Black Pig (1991-present), is the fourth period and is described as a time when leaders enact laws that are contrary to divine natural law.

There are two keys Hildegard provides to help us recognize these eras: one is that each one will have a singular dominant social evil, the other is that this evil will be evident from the very beginning of the period to its end. The latter is symbolized by the ropes extending from the mouth of the beast to a mountain which represents the individual sin. She explains that the blackness of the ropes symbolizes the attachment of the people (in this era that’s a reference to governmental authorities) to the sin and its persistence throughout the era. For example, the era of the Pale Horse (1914-1945) was described by Hildegard as an era of militarism and unjust wars, which is exactly how historians describe that period.

If we look at the upcoming elections in the U.S. and next year’s European contests, we would be inclined to expect the outcome to be consistent with the status quo, victory for candidates who use their position to promote the social goals of political correctness (laws contrary to nature). In Europe the right-leaning parties appear to be ascending in popularity but not to the point at which they would be in full control of France, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. anytime soon. The choice here would obviously be Hilary Clinton over Mr. Trump. This contest is between business as usual versus an attempt to reverse many of the social policies inspired by political correctness.

The U.S., however, might be a different case. It did not exist in Hildegard’s day and there is no way to be certain that it should be included in Hildegard’s vision. Her world was made up of the countries of Latin Christendom during the High Middle Ages. Certainly the Americas and Canada as well as other countries can be regarded as extensions of Europe, and could share the same fate during the next era (Grey Wolf — civil unrest and persecution), but not necessarily.

Moreover, in significant ways Europe is very different from the U.S. Much of America’s immigration is from Asia, as well as from Christian countries like Mexico and the Philippines (statistically the two most Christians nations in the world). The European Union’s new citizens are, and have been for many years, primarily from Muslim countries that were at one time colonial possessions. There are now “no-go zones” in dozens of cities that are effectively Sharia-controlled, or just plain lawless. It’s easy to see how the violent era of the Grey Wolf could soon become a reality there.

Note some other important differences between Western Europe and the U.S. A majority of Americans (53%) feel that religion is a very important part of their lives; no Western European country even comes close to that figure. In France, for example, only 14% share that view. On moral questions there is a dramatic difference as well with 84% of Americans affirming that adultery is morally unacceptable. In Spain and Italy it’s 64%, Germany 60%, and in France 47% (not even a majority!). Since Hildegard describes the coming persecution as a punishment (a “harsh reproach”), America might be less deserving than Europe.

Should Donald Trump be elected president, and in a position to effectively implement his populist reforms, I would be inclined to expect one of two things. The first is that the U.S. is not necessarily fully included in Hildegard’s vision of the era of the Grey Wolf, particularly with respect to her description of violent persecution of Christians. America had no participation in the first two eras (Fiery-Red Dog, Yellow Lion), so it may not necessarily be included in the next. The other possibility is that the election of Trump will mark the end of the present era, as he has indicated that he would end America’s role as the World’s Policeman. When the unipolar world that resulted from the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, becomes multipolar, a new era begins.


One thought on “The Upcoming Elections

  1. The other possibility is that the election of Trump will mark the end of the present era, as he has indicated that he would end America’s role as the World’s Policeman.

    You just may be right.


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