The Demolition of Political Correctness

pc1In a historical analysis of political correctness, Boston University’s Angelo Codevilla argues that the phenomenon will not only eventually define the post-Cold War era, but its demise is at hand. It is as inevitable as was the Soviet Union’s:

“Progressive parties everywhere have sought to monopolize educational and cultural institutions in order to force those under their thumbs to sing their tunes or to shut up. But having brought about the opposite of the prosperity, health, wisdom, or happiness that their ideology advertised, they have been unable to force folks to ignore the gap between political correctness and reality.”

The phrase PC was coined by the Soviets to define the alternate reality that was consistent with the party line. Historically, the professor shows, there always comes a point when the charade can no longer be endured and ignites a revolution. The election of Trump should not have come as a surprise:

“America’s ruling class seems to have adopted the view that the rest of America should be treated as inmates in reeducation camps.”

“Consider our ruling class’s very latest demand: Americans must agree that someone with a penis can be a woman, while someone else with a vagina can be a man. Complying with such arbitrariness is beyond human capacity. …Because courts and agencies just impose their diktats, without bothering to try to persuade, millions of precisely the kind of citizens who prize stability have become willing to take a wrecking ball to what little remains of the American republic, not caring so much what happens next.”

A few days before the election I wrote that if Trump were to win, it could mark the beginning of the end of the era in the West that began with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. A number of recent news stories are suggesting the same thing.

Regarding the upcoming presidential elections in France a recent poll indicates a runoff will take place between Marine Le Pen and Francois Fillon. The former wants out of the European Union and the latter is a practicing Catholic who is against abortion and homosexual marriage. Both are nationalists; one of them will win. In the Netherlands polls have Geert Wilders’ anti-immigrant, anti-EU party in the lead. An election is not scheduled for Italy but one could be called on short notice and the 5-Star nationalist party is gaining in popularity.

The concept of “nation”, one people, history, religion, language, is returning to Europe. France’s progressive socialist president Francois Holland’s approval rating is 4%! Obama’s attacks on religious freedom and the Clinton’s elitist distain for Americans with traditional values were rejected in November.

A columnist for the Washington Post, writing a week before the election, typified the delusional confidence of progressives:

“…Trump’s supporters have managed to enhance the credibility of political correctness: Given the choice between political correctness and the bigoted tirades of a dirty old man, I’ll take political correctness.”

PC is about as credible as Bolshevism. Like the fall of the Berlin Wall, Trump’s victory might be remembered for starting the revolution that killed it. wall…rjt

2 thoughts on “The Demolition of Political Correctness

  1. It is interesting to read when historians try predicting how our times will be viewed in the future, primarily because they usually get it wrong, sometimes spectacularly. Authors of speculative fiction manage to see into the future as well as historians have, before the fact. There are simply too many factors impossible to anticipate that end up driving the story. Trump’s election was itself a surprise, unexpected even by his own advisors until the last few days of the campaign. Despite hopes and fears, no one can anticipate accurately where it will lead. It’s just as possible a pandemic emerges that (in retrospect) eclipses all political goals, let alone PC. We all guess and make plans, but no one knows.


    1. Wow. You nailed it, dude. Hope you and yours are doing okay, now that we’re all living the COVID-Life. Me and mine are healthy, a little bored (would love to go to the beach, but,well…you know. We’re praying more, and that’s ALWAYS good! And, we’re looking forward to voting for Four More Years. God bless your and yours, Mikey!


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