Charles Johnston’s Hanging it Up

I was asked by a CNS reporter last summer in private email correspondence what I thought of Charles Johnston, the seer from Denver who has made predictions of immanent civil unrest and social collapse. Unfamiliar with him, I listened to an interview the reporter provided a link to and gave the following response (additional commentary is in brackets):

“Thanks for the link and I listened to the interview. What he said was a little vague so I looked at his site [link]. He predicts a worldwide economic collapse followed by civil wars followed by a confrontation with Islam. This is also what Hildegard predicts for the era of the grey wolf; but that’s where the similarity ends. Charlie adds that there will be a major miracle followed by a prolonged period of peace. And this is all supposed to take place in the next year and a half. [He claimed that his Guardian Angel had told him these things]. The era of the grey wolf as Hildegard described it hasn’t started yet.

The more significant difference between Charlie’s scenario and Hildegard’s is his insistence that the coming calamities should not be regarded as a punishment from God, but the consequences of man’s attempt to create his own destiny. He repeats this over and over again and says that it is required to understand the rest of his messages. In the era of the grey wolf, Hildegard clearly states that the persecution of Christians is a punishment, a “harsh reproach” of the Church. She states that it is punishment for the sins of fornication, rapine, and murder. I intend to write a blog post demonstrating how the Church is indeed guilty of all three. It’s not a difficult case to make [link].
By stressing that it is not a punishment, the implication is that the Church is not doing anything wrong and so doesn’t need to change. The suffering will not be because The Church did anything to deserve it. This is a direct contradiction of the message of Hildegard as well as that of Our Lady of Akita, a Church-approved apparition which Charlie never mentions on his site. (He does, however, appeal to the apparition at Garabandal, which is not approved and never will be since the seer’s prediction that Joey Lomangino’s eyesight would be miraculously restored was baloney; he died two years ago as blind as he always was) [actually, he was blinded in an accident at 16]. The insistence on not to regard any of this as punishment from God disturbs me. Morally speaking, I think the Church is in bad need of reform.
… In any case we’ll know soon if he’s for real, he confidently predicts that President Obama will not finish his second term.”
We know how that turned out. The day after the inauguration Mr. Johnston wrote that he will “retire”, and will no longer post on his site. He has 5400 followers on his site. What bothers me is that too often when someone claiming to have prophetic messages is proven wrong, explanations are concocted to circumvent the obvious. While Mr. Johnston didn’t do this in his last post, he did state that God allowed him to be deceived regarding Obama. I’m not sure what to make of that. Christ warned us about the appearance of false prophets in the last days, and St. Paul exhorted us with regard to prophesy to test it, and hold fast to it, but only if it’s discernibly true.

3 thoughts on “Charles Johnston’s Hanging it Up

  1. I watched Charlie, too, and some of what he said made no sense. He is no doubt a good Catholic, and has a good religious sense. But he claimed that he had been right for twenty years about things, and his spiritual directors would back him up on this. But he would never say who they were. Nor would he give any real examples of how he got it right in the past.

    When people questioned him, he got a little testy and sort of barked at them and let it be known that he did not appreciate their questioning him. True, any normal person being asked about things he did not say, and people twisting what he said, would have made anyone grouchy, but something in the way he refused to answer questions made me leery

    He had a good knowledge of politics and history, and therefore he could have simply “predicted” things in the same way that any good student can predict things in the future.

    But he was horribly wrong about Obama not finishing his term, and about the next stable leader being some sort of unelected dictator.

    But finally, the fact that he said that God, or Angels, were coming to him and giving him messages that he had to figure out, was suspect. What kind of God, who selects a prophet and gives him messages about the future, does so in an ambiguous way, and then lets the prophet “interpret” what he has said so that the prophet can get it wrong?


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