Understanding the Writings of St. Hildegard

I have recently added a page on the top menu, “Understanding the Writings of St. Hildegard“. It is the first chapter of my book, Liberating Marriage in an Age of Heresy. It is probably the only introduction to Hildegard written from an orthodox Catholic perspective that can be found online (as far as I am aware).

Most of the literature on this Doctor of the Church comes from university women’s and gender studies departments; she quickly became a feminist folk-hero as a result of her remarkable rise to power in the patriarchal world of Latin Christendom during the High Middle Ages. Consequently, her visions and gift of prophecy, which were recognized as authentic by the Church, are generally explained in human terms.

The first complete English translation of Scivias appeared in the 1990s and the secular interest in her exploded. But the resulting literature generally misrepresents this great saint and her devotion to God and His Church.

If you’re interested in Hildegard and her message to today’s Church, kindly take the time to introduce yourself to the remarkable Abbess and prophetess. And please feel free to share the article.


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