Five Consequences of Excommunicating the Governor

Aside from the fact that a dramatic and public excommunication of Gov. Cuomo would be the right thing to do, it could have some very constructive consequences:

  1. It would be a big news story and possibly stimulate discussion and debate on the nature of the law that he signed and the inhumanity behind it. Cuomo gave in to radical feminists who hate babies and actually consider killing them a liberating event. The more this is exposed for what it is, the less sympathy people will have toward abortion rights in general.
  2. The Governor’s response could be offensive (attack the bishop and the Church) or defensive (remain silent and pretend it didn’t happen). He loses either way because he has publicly affirmed his Catholicism. He would probably be defiant, recently stating, “To the Catholic Church, I am sorry about the situation. I’m not sorry about my position. I’m sorry they have taken the position they’ve taken.”
  3. To many Catholics, it would impress a scarlet letter, “E”, on Cuomo. According to the polls, about half of all self-professed Catholics vote democrat. How many of them might be disinclined to vote for a candidate wearing that letter?
  4. It also might have an effect on current and future Catholic politicians to reconsider their stand on abortion.
  5. It might embolden those Church authorities with spines to follow suit and take the battle for the lives of today’s innocents to the streets.

When asked about excommunicating Gov. Andrew Cuomo for signing into law the practice of infanticide, New York Cardinal Dolan said that the sanction should not be used as a weapon, adding,

“I am obliged to challenge our political leaders, to urge them to re-examine their priorities, and to respect and protect the unborn baby in the womb as strongly and passionately as we should the undocumented immigrant, the single mom worrying how she will feed her family, our dying grandparents, or the poor struggling to make it.”

A baby can now be born alive and then be murdered, and he offers the noxious seamless garment defense. The Church today must be taking too much money from the Washington for its social programs, and when you take the government’s money, you’ve got to eat the government’s crap.

A Note from History

The heart of the 11th-12th century dispute known as the Investiture Controversy, when kings thought they had the authority to appoint bishops, was the personal battle fought between Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII. Gregory insisted that Latin Christendom represented the Kingdom of God whose supreme representative must be the Pope. Henry and the royalists insisted that the King, once crowned by the pope, must be answerable only to God. For that, the king would be excommunicated and deposed by Gregory twice. In turn, Gregory was deposed by a large number of German bishops who supported Henry, also twice.

The recurring problem for the kings was that their subjects preferred one that was not anathematized by a legitimate pope, forcing Henry V to capitulate. My point is a simple one, many Catholics who are inclined to vote democrat might be disinclined to be governed by an Catholic politician that, like Henry, had been formally anathematized by a legitimate Church authority.

Photo credit: Michael Belk

If I’ve interpreted the Visions of St. Hildegard correctly, today’s Churchmen will soon be held to account for their failure to make an effort to protect our “little ones”:

“An argument arose among the disciples about which of them was the greatest. Jesus realized the intention of their hearts and took a child and placed it by his side and said to them, ‘Whoever receives this child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me receives the one who sent me.’” (Luke 9: 46-48).


One thought on “Five Consequences of Excommunicating the Governor

  1. Unless the Catholic Church publicly excommunicates all CINO politicians who vote for or support abortion-murder-infanticide the Catholic Church is an enabler of abortion.
    Also, the Catholic Church must make a statement that all those who vote for a politician
    that is pro choice infanticide is committing a Mortal Sin.
    This statement must be read at the pulpit and come from the Bishop the Sunday before any election day!

    If the Catholic Church hierarchy doesn’t do this then they support pro choice infanticide!

    This article is spot on!


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