Dawn of the Grey Wolf?

In COVID-13 the leaders of the world have been dealt a hand of cards that revealed a big fat ‘Catch-22’. On the one hand little was known about the severity of the virus and inaction might have caused unpleasant scenes of overwhelmed hospitals like we saw in Wuhan, China and Northern Italy.

On the other hand, shutting down entire economies of the Western world indefinitely can only guarantee another depression. The debt burdens and expenses of governments, corporations, and individuals cannot be serviced if everything is closed. A negative-feedback loop is currently underway that may take years to unwind. 2020 will be the year historians use to mark an abrupt end of an era.

The Grey Wolf is the last of the five symbolic beasts in St. Hildegard’s famous vision, each representing geopolitically unique and brief historical periods which follow each other in sequence. Each animal symbolizes a specific sin predominant in the social context of each period. This affliction of evil is engineered by Satan and intended to progressively damage the Church in preparation of the coming of the Antichrist.

The book, The Five Beasts of St. Hildegard: Prophetic Symbols of Modern Society, written in 2014 demonstrated that the first three of these eras had already passed and at the time we were experiencing the latter half of the fourth era, that of the Black Pig (synopsis here). This would be followed by the era of the Grey Wolf, described by St. Hildegard as a time of extreme civil violence resulting from economic disparity. She portrays it as a period of class warfare and revolution.

“And the last is like a grey wolf; for those times will have people who plunder each other, robbing the powerful and the fortunate. …And they will divide and conquer the rulers of those realms”†

The Doctor of the Church adds that it will include a period of intense persecution of Christians.

…[T]he Church will be harshly reproached for many vices, fornication and murder and rapine. How? because those who should love her will violently persecute her (Chapt. 13).

In 2017 I compared Hildegard’s vision of the Grey Wolf to two other prophecies that I regarded as having a high level of credibility: Madelein Porzat’s (and others) prophecy of the special convergence of feast days that will occur in 2038; and the ‘Prophecy of Orval’. The feast day convergence represents the end of a period of persecution of the Church and the beginning of a glorious period of peace. The Orval prophecy is the same, and states that the period of persecution will last 18 years. Simply counting backwards, I concluded:

“2020 would mark the beginning of the chastisement as well as Hildegard’s era of the Grey Wolf.” [Link to article]

What has unfolded in the last six years since I wrote the book, like the explosion in migrants, the establishment of laws that are contrary to divine natural law, and now this financial crisis, are all revealed in Hildegard’s prophetic vision. The book is now even more timely and compelling:

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Hildegard of Bingen: Scivias, translated by Columba Hart and Jane Bishop. The Abby of Regina Laudis: Benedictine Congregation Regina Laudis of the Strict Observance, Inc. Paulist Press, 1990, Book 3, Vision 11, chapter 6.

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