Being ‘Fruitful and Multiplying’?

God commanded Adam that he multiply and demographically “subdue the earth” (Gen. 1:28; He repeated the order to Noah after the flood, Gen. 9:7). It’s certainly happening today, but not by Catholics. The following is amazing to watch. It’s only a few minutes long. It starts in 1946 when Catholics ruled the roost. Keep your eye on ‘Islam Sunni’ and notice the trend that began in the late 1980s. Then see what happens after 2000:

The Church permits the intentional delimiting of the size of a couple’s family through cooperative abstinence, but nothing else. Most Catholic couples, I believe, dissent from this teaching, preferring to rely on contraception and their own consciences for moral guidance in matters of sexuality and the family. And I believe that most Church authorities approve and support this.

Pope Pius XII, in an address to the cardinals on November 2, 1950, explained why contraception must be viewed as a sinful act; it interferes with the divine act of ensoulment:

“Such a sin prevents the Almighty hand from calling into existence the innocent souls that would have given life to those bodies and raised those limbs to the dignity of instruments of the spirit and of grace, so that one day they might receive the reward of their virtues and eternal happiness in the glory of the saints.”

Contraception in most cases is not murder, but according to the traditional teaching of the Church it bears the same guilt. The injunction against contraception in canon law originated in the Old Testament. Genesis 38:8-10 is the story of Onan, whom God struck dead for engaging in coitus interruptus with his dead brother’s wife, whom he was ordered to marry according to the Jewish law of Levirate marriage. St. Augustine applied the passage to all marriage:

…for intercourse, even with one’s lawfully wedded spouse, can take place in an unlawful and shameful manner, whenever the conception of offspring is avoided. Onan, the son of Judah, did this very thing, and the Lord slew him on that account. Therefore, the procreation of children is itself the primary, natural, legitimate purpose of marriage. Whence it follows that those who marry because of their inability to remain continent ought not to so temper their vice that they preclude the good of marriage, which is the procreation of children (De Conjugiis Adulterinis 2, 12).

The upcoming era of the Grey Wolf is when the “harsh reproach” of the Church will take place. At that time “conscience” will have led many astray.


One thought on “Being ‘Fruitful and Multiplying’?

  1. To be honest, I have always wondered how the Church could have a problem with contraceptives that prevented fertilization (The Pill) as opposed to those that did not prevent it, but rather prevented, by whatever mechanism the already-fertilized egg from implanting onto the walls of the uterus (IUDs is one example) which is essentially abortion, whereas the the first type is not.
    Now I know, and more than know; I understand. The brilliance, beauty, wisdom, and benevolence of our God shone in this essay, and in the words of Pope Pius XII. Not so long ago Catholics did not have reason or opportunity to make such momentous decisions, and I fear that much of what is called progress has come in the guise of an angel of light.

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