• Reviewed by Elena Maria Vidal, who maintains the beautiful and one of the most popular Catholic blogs, Tea at Trianon:

“The book is a must-read for all those interested in prophetic literature and anyone who is worried about the future, for all is in God’s hands and He is the ultimate victor.”

  • An insightful review of the book appeared on the popular Catholic blog Unam Sanctam Catholicam. Some highlights:

“The book is very cautious; when it makes connections and inferences, it does so in a very qualified manner, respecting the limits posed by the nature of eschatological speculation. That being said, the inferences it does make are very strong and convincing.”

“Any student of Catholic eschatology, especially that branch which studies the private revelations of the saints, will want to check out Mr. Turner’s book.”

  • A review of The Five Beasts of Saint Hildegard in the well-known blog “A Catholic Life”:

“Insightful and compelling”

  • “Turner’s book whets the appetite for those who would like to know more. I recommend it.”

B. Levinson, Lamentably Sane


  • “The author makes a compelling case for St. Hildegard’s prophecies.”
  • “The book definitely gets one thinking. It might even cause one to ask, ‘What is the state of my soul?‘”
  • “Reid Turner’s analysis of the contemporary world is spot on, and well worth reading.”
  • “A very informative book.”
  •  “The book gives the reader much to think about and ponder, and provides insight into the times in which we live in, and where we are going. Highly recommended.”
  • “His interpretations of St. Hidelgard’s visions are quite compelling.”
  • “Every orthodox Catholic, in my opinion, should read this book”
  • “Reid Turned has done a credible job – his writing is scholarly, but never dry or pedantic. Reid draws parallels between Hildegard’s visions and periods of history – and, I might add, most of them are frighteningly apropos.”