Is Paris No Longer Safe for Jews (or Christians)?

demonstration1A recent article in Vanity Fair profiled a retired French police commissioner from Paris, Sammy Ghozlan, who is a Jew born and raised in Algeria. He runs the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, an organization that he funds himself. The article notes that there were 851 anti-Semitic acts in France during 2014 (in 2013 there were 453). Gozlan notes that the dramatic increase in violence and terrorism is directly connected to the influence of the Islamic State:

“The country’s counter-terrorism forces are now desperately trying to cope with what is commonly called the ‘third wave of anti-Semitism’ in modern France. The first wave, coming from the far right, morphed into the neo-Nazi crusades of the 1990s. …The second wave came from the far left—rooted in pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel attitudes. …The third wave has been propelled by the recent rise of ISIS, has metastasized via thousands of Web sites and social media, and, in France, has become homegrown and home-schooled among a vulnerable population of young Muslims.”

The writer describes one incident from last year that illustrates what has become all too common in France. When anti-Israel demonstrations had been planned for the weekend of July 19, it was expected that violence would break out so the protests were banned by French authorities. Yet, they proceeded anyway. The article reports what happened next (note the passive behavior of the police):

“On Saturday, July 19, thousands appeared in and around Paris, burning cars, attacking buses. By two P.M. the next day, a mob of hundreds crowded the narrow street by the Garges synagogue, and the first rocks had shattered the Star of David window. Hammers were taken to the lock at the gate. …The police refused to move in. …Within the hour, a pharmacy was in flames. Then hundreds raced through the central plaza toward a Jewish market and that too went up in flames. Then on to the synagogue.” 

“…News footage showed French police standing inert for almost two hours until reinforcements arrived with tear gas. …Later, they would say they were waiting for authorization: France’s police are under strict instructions not to intervene without actual threats of violence.” [Huh?]

According to the BBC, in the end the French courts essentially did nothing:

“…[T]hree men, aged 21 and 28, were given sentences of between six and 10 months for their part in the rioting in Sarcelles on Sunday. …A fourth man was given a suspended sentence while a minor received a fine.”

See what life is like in Paris for a Jewish man who puts a “kippah” (skullcap) on his head and and strolls around the city:


Sid Ahmed Ghlam

As noted above, the big difference in the “third wave of violence” against the Jews of Paris is the influence of ISIS, is that they also target Christians. ISIS volunteers returning to France from the fighting in Syria or Iraq, some of whom have doubtless tortured, murdered, and raped Christians just for being Christians, are treated as heroes. In April of this year, Sid Ahmed Ghlam, a French national who did not travel to Syria to join ISIS, but was nevertheless a sympathizer and in contact with the organization, was ordered by ISIS to stage an attack on Christian churches in Paris. He was caught before an attack took place, but only because he accidentally shot himself in the leg, but not before randomly killing a woman for her car. In the video above, would it have been any different if this was a priest wearing a Cassock with a crucifix around his neck? I even wonder, would the abuse have been worse?

Italian journalist Roberto de Mattei takes a broader historical perspective on Islam and Christianity, and insists that the number one target of Muslim fundamentalists is the Roman Catholic Church:

“For the Muslim Brotherhood, as it is for ISIS, the final objective is not Paris or New York, but the city of Rome, center of the only religion, which Islam, since its very birth, has wanted to annihilate. The real enemy is not the United States or the State of Israel, which did not even exist when Islam arrived at the Gates of Vienna in 1683, but the Catholic Church and Christian civilization, to which Muhammad’s religion is a diabolical parody.” (from Rorate-Caeli)

We’ve seen what’s happened to Christians in Syria, Iraq, and Libya. Not surprisingly, out of fear, Jews are leaving France in droves, as did the retired French police commissioner interviewed in the Vanity Fair article who recently moved to Israel. Our Catholic brothers and sisters in many European cities with large immigrant populations from Muslim countries should also expect increasing “waves of violence” as in Paris. Rome, however may be the big prize, De Mattei reports:

“Abu Muhammed al Adnani, spokesman for the Iraqi Islamic State and Greater Syria, states: ‘We will occupy your Rome, we will smash your crosses to pieces, we will reduce your women to slavery’.”


ISIS, who targets anybody who’s not one of them, has incited a wave of racism among France’s immigrant population. According to a report by CBN, one in five French natives have been a victim of racist insults or worse at the hands of immigrants from Muslim nations. In The Five Beasts of St. Hildegard: Prophetic Symbols of Modern Society, I demonstrate that the final era, that of the Grey Wolf, is almost upon us. Writing in the twelfth century, St. Hildegard described it as a time of extreme civil unrest throughout Europe, and by extension, the Americas, as well as a time of violent persecution of Christians. This era may be closer than we think.



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