An Era of Confrontations and Strife

Joe Biden plans to unite the country and heal the nation. But under one condition, as long as the 70 million plus who voted for Trump prostrate themselves to the radical left, whose accumulation of power in the democratic party suggests that during the Biden administration the divide will only deepen. A look at recent history reveals that this is inevitable.

The present historical era began with the collapse of the Soviet union in 1991. Most of the generation of western leaders since then have promoted the agenda of political correctness: gender theory, homosexual marriage, abortion, etc. Think of Clinton, Blair, Obama, Trudeau, Cameron, Holland, Macron, Merkel, etc.; think also of the thousands of their political appointees. Historian Paul Johnson has described the present era as a sad tale of politically correct social engineering which he referred to as “the salient evil of our time”.

This is about to get much worse according to a historical shift that took place in higher education in the 1990s. College attendance had soared during the 1960s as a result of the baby boom generation becoming college-aged and the G.I. Bill having been expanded to include peacetime soldiers. University populations were exploding; desperate for instructors, administrators started hiring in large numbers.

As expected, this massive generation of professors commenced retiring thirty years later. But these were all that were left of the instructors who were educated prior to the rise of political correctness in the schools. Whatever level of moral sanity and devotion to truth these teachers had preserved; it would have disappeared with them.

The indoctrinated generation of students graduating college and graduate schools after 2000 have been in the process of becoming the leaders of our public institutions: the presidents, legislators, governors, mayors, judges, teachers, etc. Educated in the goals of PC in a far more aggressive manner than those they are succeeding, it stands to reason that they are and will be far less tolerant of those who disagree with them. Those trying to protect their families from increasingly anti-Christian ideologies will have no choice but to give in or fight back.

The election of Trump in 2016 represented a revolt against this trend, a push-back that may have been just the beginning. According to St. Hildegard’s vision of the end times, the era that follows the current one, the Grey Wolf, is described as a time of disunity and extreme civil unrest:

“And the last is like a grey wolf; for those times will have people who plunder each other, robbing the powerful and the fortunate. …And they will divide and conquer the rulers of those realms”*

The Church will not escape the violence:

…[T]he Church will be harshly reproached for many vices, fornication and murder and rapine [financial misconduct].“*


*Hildegard of Bingen: Scivias, translated by Columba Hart and Jane Bishop. The Abby of Regina Laudis: Benedictine Congregation Regina Laudis of the Strict Observance, Inc. Paulist Press, 1990, Book 3, Vision 11.

2 thoughts on “An Era of Confrontations and Strife

  1. The post 1991 era gave many throughout the world the idea that freedom also included license to do as they wished in the area of personal behavior. That has not worked well. Legalization of drugs, aberrant sexual behavior and disfunctional political systems have caused instability in many areas of the world. The wolf may well be at the door but we certainly don’t have to let him in.


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